Holocaust Survivor Couple Brutally Robbed, Beaten in Afula Home

Maria and Michael Osovksywere brutally robbed and beaten in their apartment in the Givat Hamore neighborhood of Afula.

A married couple, Maria Osovksy, 74, and her husband Michael, 77, were brutally robbed and beaten yesterday in their apartment in the Givat Hamore neighborhood of Afula at about 8 A.M. Both were hospitalized.

Their daughter Yulia said from their bedside that the door to the apartment was left open for a few minutes. After hearing his wife scream while she was attacked by the robber, Michael, a Holocaust survivor suffering from cancer and bedridden, tried to come to her aid and was beaten, too.

"My mother was in the kitchen and she turned around and saw the burglar standing behind her," Yulia said. "He started to beat her and she screamed, but the neighbors didn't hear. The neighbors are also elderly."

Maria sustained blows to her face and her body. Upon hearing his wife's screams, Michael sought to come to her aid. "My father left the bedroom and then the criminal hit him, treating him like some rag," Yulia said. "[The burglar] dragged him by his feet like a rag is dragged across the floor and he threw him back into the bedroom."

"Afterwards he resumed hitting my mother, even though her wallet was already in his hands," Yulia said. "My mother was in shock and she lost consciousness for a short time."

Maria Osovsky mustered enough strength to phone her daughter, who rushed to the scene and called for an ambulance. A Magen David Adom medical crew transported the couple to Haemek Hospital, where they are being treated in the surgical ward for trauma to their faces, backs, arms, and legs.

Afula police launched an investigation and took statements from the elderly couple.