Histadrut Head Threatens Strike Unless Civil Servants Wages Paid

Ofer Eini asks treasury to hold mayors personally accountable for withholding employees' wages.

Histadrut Labor Federation Chairman Ofer Eini, warned on Monday that his organization will go on a general strike unless municipal workers are paid their withheld wages by the end of the week.

Eini spoke at a National Labor Court session called by Labor Court President, Judge Steve Adler, to discuss the progress made to solve the municipal workers overdue salaries.

Finance ministry budgetary head, Kobi Bahar, and interior minister official, Ram Belnikov, told Adler that the treasury had transferred funds to 23 municipalities and local authorities so that they could pay their employees. In response, the Histadrut representatives claimed the transferred funds were insufficient and that most municipal employees had yet to receive any money.

Haber and Belnikov rejected the Histadrut's demand that their ministry's impose personal sanctions on mayors who found responsible for the delay of wages or withhold their transfer to employee pension funds. They added that the long term solution for the wages problem depended on the implementation of reforms on the municipal level.