Hezbollah vs. Israel: Who Has 'Real' Video of Lebanon Blast Site?

Group denounces IDF video of militants removing arms from site as lie, airs clip detailing 'true events.'

Hezbollah on Thursday broadcast a video detailing the "true events" surrounding the site of an explosion in south Lebanon on Monday, after the Israel Defense Forces released footage it said proved the site was an arms cache.

The Lebanese militant organization's video, aired on its Al-Manar TV and other local stations, shows two persons loading what appears to be a steel garage door onto a white covered pickup truck in front of the building where the blast allegedly occurred.

The militant group said the truck was being used to take out debris from the garage.

The IDF video was shot by a drone in the area of the explosion. The army said the grainy, black and white video showed Hezbollah operatives sealing off the explosion site, recovering rockets from the home and driving them away in two covered trucks.

Hezbollah denounced the video as a fabrication by Israel.

The Lebanese military and Hezbollah said the explosion Monday in the village of Tayr Filsay, near the southern port city of Tyre, left one person wounded.

But Lebanese sources said Monday that five people were killed in the blast, including the Hezbollah official, Saeed Nasser, and his son.

Meanwhile, a Lebanese MP has said that the IDF video of the weapons cache is proof that Israel is still spying on his country, and constitutes a violation of the United Nations resolution that ended the war. The lawmaker called for Lebanon to submit a formal complaint on the matter to the UN.