Hezbollah Says Will Only Disarm if Mandated by Lebanese Referendum

Nasrallah aide: Even if Syria's border closed off, Hezbollah will still have an ample supply of arms.

An aide of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said in an interview published Tuesday that the pro-Iranian organization is prepared to forfeit its weapons if the majority of Lebanon's civilians vote for such a move through a referendum.

Nasrallah has urged that a referendum be held.

The aide, Hussein Halil, also said in an interview published in the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat that Hezbollah possesses enough weapons to protect Lebanon from Israel, and that even if Syria's border is closed off, the organization will still have an ample supply of arms.

According to Halil, Hezbollah is against the placement of observer forces on the border between Syria and Lebanon.

In any event, he emphasized, the pro-Iranian organization's arms will not be used in Lebanon's civil war, which Hezbollah strongly opposes.

Halil said that the most efficient solution for the Lebanon crisis would be an election. He told the Arabic-language newspaper that those who oppose Hezbollah are counting on foreign intervention in Lebanon.

He further warned that if that if their commitment to this stance continues, there will be two presidents in Lebanon, and "maybe even three presidents and three governments."