Help Out - Volunteer Programs in Israel

Project 1000 VolunteersVolunteer your time in Israel in one of various placements for a time period of 2 weeks to 6 months. The purpose of the Volunteer project is to provide an opportunity for Diaspora Jews to show their solidarity with the people and the State of Israel by volunteering with various facilities in need. Contact: for further information.

Below is a list of the volunteer settings that we volunteers are placed through out Israel:

HospitalsDepending on the needs of the hospital, volunteers help with overall duties ranging from physical therapy and social work to general support.

Youth VillageVolunteers assist the youth village as teachers, educators, helpers and overall support staff.

Elderly Volunteers help the elderly with daily activities, programming and general support.

Physically and Mentally DisabledVolunteers assist state run facilities by providing additional support staff to the professionals of these very special facilities. This work can entail programming, social work to general maintenance.

Mishmar Ezrachi: Civil GuardVolunteers assist the Israeli Police by providing basic patrols of schools, parks and shopping districts.

Merkaz Klita & Matnas (Absorption & Community Center)Volunteers assist absorption centers by working with children, elderly and new immigrants. This work can entail social work, programming, teaching, and organizing daily activities with the general support staff.

Sar-El: Volunteers for Israel (IDF Bases All Over Israel) Volunteers will provide basic support staff to the IDF bases located through out Israel. Click here for more information The programs aim to contribute to Israel's defense and to provide knowledgeable, enthusiastic young leaders for Jewish communities.

Israel Defense Forces Volunteer ProgramThe Mahal2000 program is for non-Israeli Jews ages 18 to 24. The program consists of 14 1/2 months of service in the IDF. One year of part time work in a Jewish community is expected after returning from Israel.

Kibbutz Volunteers (Kibbutzim All Over Israel)Volunteers between the ages of 18 to 40 can commit to at least 6 weeks of volunteering on kibbutzim throughout Israel. Work ranges from farming to catering. Call the Kibbutz Program Center (800) 247-7852 or view the Website at or

CAARI (Canadian and American Active Retirees in Israel) Offers participants the opportunity to volunteer in Israeli communities and JNF forests, tour the country, visit historical sites, meet and spend time with Israelis and learn about the issues and challenges that face Israel. CAARI's various opportunities include: tutoring English to Israeli children, helping the elderly in hospitals and nursing homes, and assisting community agencies that help the poor and those in need.

OTZMA - Volunteer/Leadership FellowshipOTZMA is a ten-month program designed to offer Jewish adults aged 20-26 an opportunity to live and volunteer in Israel. It is a volunteer/leadership program that combines social action, civil rights and community building. Spend three months in an absorption center learning Hebrew, three months doing community service and three months on a kibbutz or participating in the internship track.You can find their Website at: Questions about OTZMA: email: or calling toll free 1-877-GO-OTZMA (466-8962).

The Dorot Fellowship in IsraelDFI Fellowship is a full-year Fellowship in Jerusalem, intended for American Jews between the ages of 22-35, who exhibit the capacity to serve the Jewish people and to contribute to the improvement of the human condition. The DFI is comprised of four major components: Hebrew studies; Jewish studies; volunteer and community service, and seminars. Dorot Fellows volunteer in a variety of social service organizations and throughout the public sector in Israel. Fellows have had placements in hospitals, health policy institutes, news media, environmental organizations, branches of government, domestic violence shelters, civil rights organizations, peace and dialogue organizations and more. For more information:

Livnot - Livnot U'LehibanotVolunteer with Livnot and "help the situation." Some of the volunteer positions may not seem directly related to the current situation, but nevertheless they are. If you have an interest to directly or indirectly help out the with the situation we will arrange a volunteer opportunity for you. The Livnot Community Service Program runs all year long, with a minimum commitment of one week. Suitable for Jewish adults of all ages. Volunteers work in renovating local homes of needy families, or institutions for the handicapped; preparing meals in soup kitchens and making grocery baskets in the food bank; working with the elderly and youth in distress. For more information call 1-888-LIVNOT-0, or

YOCHAI PORAT - Magen David Adom Volunteer ProgramSpend two months gaining hands on first-aid and emergency-care experience in Israel. The Magen David Adom (Israeli Ambulance Corps) provides first-aid services throughout Israel and works with its volunteers to provide effective initial treatment. The MDA Volunteer Program provides students with an exciting opportunity to gain valuable experience, giving first-aid care, while experiencing "real life" in Israel. No previous medical experience is required. This is a two month program for students who are between the ages of 18-25, and have a basic conversational knowledge of Hebrew. A fee of $400.00 includes first-aid training course, accommodations, an educational seminar, a group trip, and health insurance. There are five different session dates throughout the year to register. Call the Israel Program Center at (866) IPC-ISRAEL, or visit the website for more information.

Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI)Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) operates Israel's only cost-free dental clinic for children between the ages 5-18 and are referred by any of Jerusalem's municipal welfare service offices. The clinic is under on-site supervision by a senior Israeli specialist in pediatric dentistry and operates with the approval of the Ministry of Health. This humanitarian project helps needy children regardless of religious, ethnic or national affiliation. Volunteer dentists from 13 countries, and their Israeli colleagues, provide professional care. At each unit, experienced dental assistants work alongside the volunteer dentists. DVI also provides the volunteer with an apartment in Jerusalem. For more information: or please contact the office: Tel. 972-2-6783144; 972-2-678-3101, Fax. 972-2-678-8173

Yad Sarah Volunteers ProgramThis program is open to everyone. Volunteers work for a minimum of two hours a week, or on a daily basis. Yad Sarah gives its volunteers ongoing training and guidance. There are also special social and cultural activities for the volunteers. Call the Department of Volunteer Coordination at 02-644-4411 for more information or

Civil GuardThe Cival Guard is Israel's largest volunteer organization with over 50,000 volunteers from age 18 and older. The volunteer program is open to permanent or temporary residents in Israel without a criminal record, and must satisfy the required criteria of security and health checks. A reasonable knowledge of Hebrew is required. Volunteers will be assigned to various different tasks to assist and provide reinforcement for existing civil guard forces, such as providing security services for educational institutions, public transportation, public malls, neighborhood patrols, and border patrol. Volunteers can also work in non-security related jobs, including computer work or administrative work in the offices of the Civil Guard. There are many different Civil Guard fields to choose from in different sectors of the community. The Volunteer period is a minimum of 2 weeks. Some places require one month. Contact the National Volunteer Center at: Tel: 02-5308900 Fax: 02-5308233

Tnuat AliyahTnuat Aliyah offers a volunteer program in which participants will volunteer with agencies of the Welfare Department around the country, in the following areas: special education, physical or mental disabilities, elderly, and mental health. The location of the particpants housing is will be in the area of the voulunteering agencies, or in nearby apartments owned by the Welfare Department. There is no cost for this accomadation, but food is not included. Contact the Tnuat Aliyah office for more information at or telephone: +972-2-620-4446Fax: +972 (2) 620 441

Social Justice Volunteer/Internship Program (The New Israel Fund)The social Justice volunteer fellowships are for Jewish professionals or graduates who are committed to building democracy and social justice within Israel. The program runs for 10 months and the minimum age is 21. Contact the organizers website at or call the New Israel Fund at telephone: +972-2-672-3095, fax: +972-2-672-3099, email: