Haredim, Police Clash at Fresh Jerusalem Rally Against Intel Plant

Jerusalem Haredim protest Shabbat opening of plant, despite agreements reached between Intel and rabbis.

Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox demonstrators violently clashed with police in Jerusalem on Saturday, as they held a fresh protest against the computer chip manufacturer Intel for employing workers on Shabbat.

Protestors at the entrance to the factory on Har Hotzvim in Jerusalem hurled verbal abuse at police and journalists, calling them "Nazis" and chanting "Shabbes," the Yiddish word for the Sabbath. Security personnel at the plant used hoses to spray water at the Haredim in an attempt to disperse the protest.

Unlike last week's protest at the plant, a large contingent of police was on the scene. They eventually succeeded in moving the protestors away from the plant, although clashes between protestors and police continued.

Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby put the total number of Saturday's protesters at 3,000.

The clashes came despite agreements reached this week between Intel and the Committee of Rabbis for the Sanctity of Shabbat.

Unlike the mainstream ultra-Orthodox factions, extremist elements in the Haredi community began preparations Thursday to resume demonstrations near the Intel facility because of the company's intentions to run the factory seven days a week.

Earlier in the week, the company had agreed to only allow production at the factory over the weekend with non-Jewish workers.