Haredi Youths Attack Palestinian Taxi Driver in Jerusalem

Driver unharmed in incident; ultra-Orthodox youths hurl stones at car, smash its windows.

Ultra-Orthodox youths attacked a Palestinian taxi driver in Jerusalem late Tuesday, hurling stones at him and smashing the windows of his car eyewitnesses reported.

The driver was unharmed in the incident, which began when he entered the Ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood Meah Shearim at around midnight.

Hundreds of Haredim were demonstrating in the area against the opening on Shabbat of the Karta parking lot; some of the protestors blocked the neighborhood's Shabbat square.

Eyewitness Moshe Gertner said that subsequently, "The driver was attacked by the Haredi men after they confirmed that he was an Arab. Once the Haredi youth made sure that he was an Arab they brutally attacked his car, breaking all the windows."

This past Saturday, at least eight ultra-Orthodox men were arrested for blocking the entrance to the Karta parking lot.