Haredi Writer: Gays Should Be Forced to Face Firing Squad

Haredi Web site says leaders at Tel Aviv gay center should be put on trial for molestation and perversion.

A Haredi Web site this week published an article calling for police to arrest the managers of the Tel Aviv gay center that was the scene of a shooting that left two dead earlier this month, claiming that the managers ran a club where child molestation and acts of sexual perversion took place.

The article on the "Tzofer" Web site, which had the headline "Prosecute the managers of the club where the murders happened", said the gay center's management should stand trial for "the acts they carried out on minors behind the walls of that club of perversion".

The article, which appears under the byline "Yisrael Artzi", presents an anonymous letter sent to the Web site and to the Israel National Council for the Child, requesting that authorities investigate the activities carried out inside the club.

The article ends with the statement "many citizens are sick of this depraved behavior that lacks any moral boundaries, and expect the authorities to prosecute the managers of the club for the crimes they have carried out".

In response to the article, a lawyer for the Israeli LGBT organization contacted Tzofer and requested that they retract the article and pay the organization NIS 500,000 in damages. Attorney Oren Lev said articles of its sort "will lead to further hate crimes".

Tzofer writer Yisrael Artzi said he did not know who wrote the article, but did not shy away from issuing his own condemnation of the LGBT community.

"These perverts take everything out into the street, into the public domain. A child, religious or secular, doesn't need to know they exist".

Artzi added that homosexuals "are worse than beasts, at least a beast knows it's [homosexuality] wrong, or not natural".

Artzi finished his statements to Haaretz by saying the managers of the gay center "should be forced to face a firing squad".