Hamas Confirms Israeli Arab Was Nahariya Suicide Bomber

The militant Palestinian group Hamas released information Monday confirming that Israeli Arab Mohammed Shaker Habeishi carried out Sunday's suicide bombing at Nahariya train station that killed three people and wounded dozens more. If this is confirmed, the attack would be the first carried out by an Arab citizen of Israel.

The material released by Hamas on Monday included photographs and a videotape footage of Habeishi in which he presents himself and gives his reasons for the attack. He explains that his planned suicide bombing is in revenge for the deaths of Palestinian children in the territories, particularly that of Mohammed al-Dura, the Palestinian boy who died in his father's arms in an exchange of fire between IDF soldiers and Palestinian gunmen early in the Intifada.

Hamas also distributed a pamphlet in the territories that stated that Habeishi had carried out the attack.

Remand extended for bomber's sonA district court in Acre decided Monday to extend by eight days the remand for 25-year-old Salakh Mohammed Shaker Habeishi, the son of Mohammed Shaker Habeishi.

But police investigators said at the court hearing that the identity of the suicide bomber was still in doubt, and that they would only be certain after DNA tests had been completed.

Habeishi was not allowed to meet with his attorney, Hanna Bolos, after opposition from the Shin Bet security service. His attorney was also not permitted to hear his testimony, which the court also placed under a gag order. The younger Habeishi is suspected of knowing of his father's intententions to carry out a suicide attack.

Habeishi was arrested Monday after the attack. Both Habeishi and his brother Ahmed were arrested ten days ago after security forces staked out the family's home and carried out a wide-ranging search for his father, who was suspected of having links to one of the Islamic organizations in Palestinian Authority areas and of assisting a suicide bomber. They were released two days later, after it became clear that the brothers did not know of their father's intent or of his connections with the Islamic groups.

Several days ago, the Shin Bet received information that Habeishi senior had left his home and traveled to Jenin, where he met with Hamas activists from the area including Qayas Adwan, one of the leaders of the movement's military wing.

Israel then asked the PA to arrest Adwan and Habeishi, but was told that Habeishi was inside Israel, not Palestinian-controlled territory.