Haifa Man Suspected of Murdering Wife Found Hanged on Lamp Post

Mula Jamara was suspected of killing his wife, who had complained of domestic violence shortly before murder.

A 53-year-old man suspected of murdering his wife was found hanged on a lamp post in Haifa on Tuesday.

Mula Jamara was suspected of killing his wife Ananye, 42, whose body was found on Monday in a park, bearing signs of abuse.

Shortly before her murder, Ananye Jamara had met with a social worker. The social worker later informed police that he believed her life was in imminent danger. But it was too late.

A preliminary investigation identified the victim's husband as the prime suspect.

The head of Haifa police's investigations unit, Chief Superintendent Ya'akov Geffen, said that Jamara had been previously faced domestic violence charges and that he was also questioned on the day of the murder.

He said the victim repeatedly had complained of threats, and last month a restriction order was issued against him.

Hobsi Deseta, a relative of the victim, said Jamara was unemployed and prone to alcohol abuse.

"I'm angry because of the children, not him or her," he said. "They have six children who will now have to grow up parentless, and I don't know how."