Haifa Court Indicts Man for Beating, Raping Wife and Son

Indictment alleges man began sexually assaulting, beating wife and teenage son shortly after immigrating to Israel in 1999.

Haifa District Court on Thursday issued an indictment against a Hadera resident accused of raping his wife and sexually assaulting his son, 16, over the course of two years.

The indictment states that the accused began committing the acts after the family immigrated to Israel in 1999. In a number of the cases the accused allegedly struck his wife with a wine bottle leaving serious bruises on her body and knocking out a number of her teeth. The indictment states that the accused forced her into having sex with him on a number of cases, often while beating her and threatening her with death.

According to the indictment, the accused would regularly strike his son over his entire body with a variety of objects and would sexually assault him on a regular basis.