Hadassah: If Private Citizen, Sharon Would Have Been Moved to Rehabilitation Center

Hospital chief Shlomo Mor-Yosef says decision to transfer Ariel Sharon is unavoidably political.

Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, Director Professor Shlomo Mor-Yosef said Wednesday that had Prime Minister Ariel Sharon been any other person, he would have been moved to Loewenstein Hospital Rehabilitation Center.

"Transferring a prime minister is a very different process than transferring a regular patient. There are lots of political, familial and security implications," said Mor-Yosef in an interview to a Channel Two program.

"If we don't transfer him, then it has to do with the elections. If we do, then it's certainly related. That's life."

Mor-Yosef said he was not worried about the possibility that the press might publish a picture of a comatose Sharon.

"I see him everyday," Mor Yosef said. "He is attached to a minimum of medical apparatus and looks just as we are used to seeing him, only asleep...A s far as we are concerned we have no objections to having his picture taken. It's up to the family to decide."