Haaretz Poll: 10% of Shinui Voters to Ditch Party

Only one-third of Shinui's voters - totaling five Knesset seats - are willing to commit to voting for the party again.

This is the main finding of a survey conducted by Dialog, and supervised by Professor Camille Fuchs, for Haaretz on Tuesday night, after Shinui chairman Yosef Lapid agreed to sit in the same coalition as United Torah Judaism.

The survey also indicates that another third of Shinui's voters said they "do not know" what party they would vote for in the next elections.

Fuchs said this finding must serve as a warning for Shinui's leaders, because it means that most of the party's voters are now "sitting on the fence."

The survey indicates that if elections were held today, about 10 percent of Shinui's voters - about two Knesset seats - would not vote for it again. This finding is in keeping with other surveys published Wednesday, showing Shinui would lose two Knesset seats, dropping from 15 to 13 seats.

This is probably due to Lapid's agreement to cooperate with UTJ, in complete contradiction to his public promises in the last elections and after them.

The full survey will appear in Thursday's Week's End.