Haaretz Exclusive: Police-settler Clashes Caught on Film

Footage shows rightists trying to stop inspectors from handing out orders to implement settlement freeze.

Police on Sunday forcibly evacuated about 100 right-wing activists who had blocked roads near the West Bank settlement of Kedumin, seeking to prevent inspectors from handing out orders to implement a construction moratorium.

The clashes between police officers and the activists, many of whom were girls from a religious high school, are documented in the clip below.

The activists were also joined by local settlers, regional council leaders, and the settlement's rabbi. Police arrested one protestor during the confrontation.

Netanyahu announced the 10-month freeze on building new homes in West Bank settlements in an attempt to restart peace talks, which broke down a year ago.

While failing to please the Palestinians, the settlement freeze has also infuriated settlers and their backers in Netanyahu's right-leaning coalition.