Haaretz English Print Edition Begins Distribution of the Forward in Israel

The January 24 issue of Haaretz-IHT will include the first lsrael edition of the Forward.

Haaretz English Edition-IHT announced Wednesday it will begin distributing the Forward newspaper inside its Sunday print edition. The Forward, the leading independent American Jewish newspaper, will produce a special broadsheet, four-page issue inside Haaretz English Edition, featuring the best of its weekly news, features, arts and opinion.

"In contrast with most newspapers around the world which are cutting pages and raising prices, Haaretz-IHT is adding pages whilst maintaining its subscription and newsstand prices," said Aviva Bronstein, managing director of Haaretz-IHT. Haaretz English Edition is distributed in Israel together with the International Herald Tribune, a "local global" partnership which was founded 12 years ago.

The January 24 issue of Haaretz-IHT will include the first lsrael edition of the Forward. With redesigned content, edited especially for Haaretz-IHT readers, it is the first time the 113-year-old New York Jewish newspaper will be presenting, in English, such a broad array of Forward content in Israel. The Forward was founded in 1897 as a Yiddish-language daily newspaper. It continues to publish weekly editions in English and Yiddish. The Yiddish edition is now the only Yiddish newspaper published in Israel.

"We know that our readers are hungry for more in-depth stories about Jewish culture and the Jewish world, and the Forward excels at this," said Charlotte Halle, editor of Haaretz English Edition.

"To read about how the Madoff saga played out in New York or commentary on the Obama administration's latest moves from leading American Jewish writers will be a huge plus for our readers. By bringing them these stories in print, we think our Sunday edition will become one of the highlights of the week.

Aviva Bronstein added: "It makes our package unbeatable ? the International Herald Tribune, plus an English-language version of Israel's leading quality newspaper, and now the Forward, American Jewry's most respected newspaper."

"The Forward weekly edition for Haaretz readers will open a wider window to the Jewish world, and especially to the essential relationship between the U.S. and Israel," said Jane Eisner, editor of the Forward.

"No one is better than the Forward at interpreting that relationship and telling the contemporary American Jewish story. And we are thrilled to be able to reach those readers through Haaretz, a newspaper whose standards of journalistic excellence we admire and share."