Greek Historian Convicted Over Book Denying the Holocaust

Costas Plevris sentenced to 14 months; Greek Jews say book has led to attacks on Jewish monuments.

A far-right Greek historian was sentenced to 14 months in prison Thursday for inciting racial hatred with a book that denies the Holocaust took place, court officials said.

Historian Costas Plevris appealed his sentence and was not taken into custody.

A three-member panel of judges voted 2-1 to find Plevris guilty of inciting violence and racial hatred. The court cleared three other defendants of similar charges: the publisher, the editor and a journalist at a small right-wing magazine that published extracts from the book.

Greek Jewish community leaders had testified that Plevris' book The Jews: The whole truth has led to an increase in attacks on Jewish monuments in the country.

Plevris protested to the court that his right to free speech had been violated.

It was the first trial in Greece on the recently introduced incitement charges.

An estimated 60,000 Greek Jews, most of the country's prewar Jewish population, were killed by the Nazis during World War II.

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