Four People Killed in Small Plane Crash in the Sharon

Pilot, three passengers pronounced dead at site of crash near the moshav of Batzra in Sharon plain.

Four people were killed in a plane crash near Moshav Batzra in the Sharon plain on Friday.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene declared the pilot and her three passengers dead. Transportation safety inspectors have also arrived at the site of the crash to investigate the causes.

Police are investigating what caused the crash of the Cessna 172 model plane. It departed from Herzliya at around 4:30 P.M. and shortly afterwards lost communication.

It is still premature to determine the cause of the disaster, though the loss of communication prior to the crash points to a possible technical or mechanical malfunction of the plane.

Investigators are also examining the possibility that the accident was a result of human error. "We arrived at the scene a short time ago, and there are a number of bodies but no wounded," a spokesman for Magen David Adom, Miki Kafri.

The trip was apparently what is commonly referred to as "a romantic flight," in which couples rent small planes for late afternoon flights which offer a bird's eye view of the sunset.

Investigators at the scene noted that evidence from the wreckage did not suggest the pilot attempted an emergency landing but rather the plane hit the ground at a steep angle while dropping with considerable momentum.

On Wednesday, an Israel Air Force cadet and a flight instructor were killed during a training flight when their plane crashed near the Halutza Dunes in the Negev.

The deceased were identified as Capt. Matan Asa, 24, of Yavneh and Cadet Carmi Ilan, 19, of Herzliya.

In response to the accident, the air force has grounded all its Zukit training planes until an investigation into the accident is completed, lest the cause turn out to be a technical problem with the planes.