Four People Hurt in Separate Stabbing Incidents Over the Weekend

Two police officers report being attacked by driver who refused to submit to alcohol test and his son.

Four people were wounded in four separate outbreaks of violence in central Israel over the weekend. One of victims, a 24-year-old man, sustained serious stab wounds.

The stabbing occurred during a fight that broke out Friday near the Kiryat Ono shopping mall. A Magen David Adom emergency medical team evacuated the victim to the Tel Hashomer hospital nearby. The stabbers fled and have not yet been apprehended, but police are searching the area.

In Tel Aviv, two people were also stabbed in two separate incidents. In the first, a 49-year old Tel Aviv man was stabbed on his way home near the central bus station by an unknown assailant before dawn. He sustained minor wounds but was taken to Ichilov hospital for treatment. No suspects have been apprehended.

In the second incident, a 26-year-old Ramle man was stabbed during a brawl at a clubbing district in Tel Aviv. The police have arrested two suspects in the stabbing. The victim was taken to Ichilov hospital and has been classified as having suffered minor injuries.

The clubbing district of Yad Harutzim enjoys a boosted police presence during the weekends, in efforts to prevent violence and to grant party goers a sense of security. However, a stabbing incident occurs there nearly every weekend.

In a fourth stabbing incident, a 24-year-old stabbed his 31-year-old friend in Bat Yam, wounding him lightly. The stabber has been arrested.

Also over the weekend, police officers reported being attacked by a 50-year-old driver and his 24-year-old son. The officers reportedly asked the driver to stop the vehicle and submit to an alcohol test, but the driver refused and tried to flee the scene. The son, however, got out of the vehicle and the two allegedly began attacking the officers.

Both father and son have been taken into custody for questioning.