Four Cyclists Hurt by Car That Veered Onto Shoulder Near Afula

Five killed, 2 seriously injured in traffic accidents nationwide over weekend.

Four bicyclists were injured Saturday morning when they were hit by a car that veered onto the shoulder between Megiddo and Afula.

One of the bicyclists was seriously injured, one moderately wounded, and the other two lightly hurt. All four of them were taken to Afula's Haemek Hospital.

Four people were killed and two seriously injured in a traffic accident late Thursday night north of Be'er Sheva. In a separate accident, a man was killed early Friday morning when a car crashed into him when he standing on the side of the Geha highway. The man was a resident of the Palestinian village Kablah.

The first accident happened when a private car attempted to bypass on the road between the Goral and Tel Sheva junctions, and crashed into a commercial vehicle. All the passengers in the private car- two men and two women- were killed, and the two passengers in the commercial vehicle were seriously injured.

Initial investigations suggest that the driver of the private car fell asleep at the wheel. The injured were taken to Soroka Medical Center for medical assistance.

Two killed Thursday in traffic accidents

A 69-year-old woman was killed Thursday when a truck hit her while she crossed Jerusalem Boulevard in Kiryat Yam. The woman was injured severely on her head, and taken to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, where she later died. Police maintain that the truck driver was taken into questioning.

In a separate accident on Route 40 between the Bilu and Ramle junctions, a young driver was killed when his car deviated from its lane, crashed into an electric pole, and fell into a ditch.