Former MK Benni Begin Rejoins Likud

"Bibi matured, I grew old" says Begin in a press conference that discusses his return

Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu and new party recruit, former MK Benny Begin held a joint press conference Tuesday afternoon at the party's Tel Aviv headquarters in Metzudat Ze'ev. During the conference Begin was asked what has changed in the last 10 years that has brought his return to the Likud. Begin replied: two things ? Bibi matured and I grew older.

Netanyahu stated that if a different kind of politics exists, Benny Begin embodies such politics. Any political party would snatch him within moments, including parties that criticize the Likud for doing so, said Netanyahu, referring to Tzipi Livni.

Netanyahu added that he had made no political promises to Begin, and that negotiations with Syria and the Palestinians would not cease. Begin said that his views have not changed in last ten years, and that he still maintains that Israel will not be able to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians within the next few years.

"If this is considered an extremist stance, it should be noted that I recently read in the paper that a Nobel prize winner (Peres) recently said he doesn't believe an agreement can be reached in the next several years. Is he also considered an extremist?" asked Begin.

Begin added that he is returning to the Likud to make a difference on a national, political and ideological level.