Former CIA Chief James Wolsey Taken on as Supercom Adviser

Supercom announced yesterday the appointment of James Wolsey, the former chief of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, as chairman of its advisory board.

Wolsey headed the CIA from 1993 to 1995, and is considered one of the United States' leading experts on homeland security, intelligence and defense infrastructure.

Among his other functions, Wolsey served as America's representative in talks on placing conventional forces in Europe, and on the foreign affairs and security committees of Congress and the Senate.

Wolsey currently serves as vice president of the international consulting group Booz Allen Hamilton.

Supercom, a Ra'anana-based firm that develops, produces and markets contactless smart cards, created an advisory board to identify new applications and markets for its products that are related to national security, identification, and document verification.

The team the former CIA chief will head is expected to find new applications for Supercom technology, primarily in the U.S.The company added that Wolsey will be aided on the board by other national security experts.

Two weeks ago, Supercom, which is listed on the Belgian and Wall Street markets, announced it will supply its e-Living system to the Hong Kong company Green Science.

e-Living is based on smart cards for a customer club. Green Science, a member of the Jebsen group, is one of the biggest healthcare product distributors in Hong Kong, China and the Asia-Pacific region.While Supercom did not mention figures, market sources believe the contract is worth about $500,000.