Forest Fire Destroys 100 Dunam of Mount Carmel Park

15 firefighting teams extinguish fire over period of several hours; arson supected.

A fire destroyed nearly 100 Dunam of the Carmel Park on Thursday. 15 firefighting teams extinguished fire over a period of several hours.

Police suspect arson and have launched an investigation.

At approximately 19:00 the fire department received notification of the fire near the garbage dump at the western entrance to the park. When firefighters arrived at the scene they were confronted by a vast blaze rapidly spreading from eight separate sources spaced out over a 100 Dunam area.

According to the fire department's spokesman, the firefighters were forced to deal rough terrain and difficult access routes. "The firefighters entered on foot with equipment and hoses in order to subdue the fire. There is no doubt that this was an act of arson, because the fire originated from several sources."