Fiance of Slain Iran Protestor Meets Peres in Israel Trip

'I came to Israel as a messenger for peace,' says partner of Neda Soltan.

The fiance of the Neda Soltan, a 27-year-old Iranian woman shot dead during protests in in Tehran, met with President Shimon Peres on Monday during a visit to Israel.

"I came to Israel as an ambassador of the Iranian people, as a messenger from the camp of peace," said Caspian Makin.

Soltan was killed during riots that erupted after the announcement of a landslide victory for incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran's presidential election in June 2009.

Her death, caught on video and beamed around the world, became a symbol and rallying cry for pro-reformist demonstrators.

"Neda was a progressive person, a freedom fighter, and these traits flowed through her veins," Makin told Peres. "Her brave and firm protest brought unity to the Iranian people's struggle and I hope that her actions will lead to change in the future."

Peres wished the Iranian people a happy Persian New Year and spoke of the historical connection between Israel and Iran.

"The uprising of many Iranians restored the honor typical to this Iranian culture," he said. "More than an economic or military struggle, I see this struggle as a moral fight and Neda was a brave soldier in that struggle."

Relations between Iran and Israel have been non-existent since the 1979 Islamic Revolution that ousted the Shah from power. Israel considers Iran's nuclear plans a threat to its existence and has not ruled out military action.