Female Teacher Suspected of Having Sex With 17-year-old Student

Teacher's husband accused of intimidating student and additional witness into withholding evidence.

A 32-year-old female teacher was charged Monday with indecent acts involving a minor, abuse of authority and disruption of court proceedings, after being arrested two weeks ago for suspected sexual relations with a 17-year-old student.

During the court's deliberation, the teacher - from the southern coastal plains area - said the charges against her were slanderous and that the truth would eventually come out.

According to the charges, the affair lasted for three months, beginning when the teacher arranged to meet the student in her office at the school before driving him home in her vehicle.

During the journey home, the teacher began to kiss the minor, the indictment says. At a later date, she picked the student up from his home and took him to an isolated section of a moshav in the coastal plains area, where they proceeded to have sexual relations in her car.

While dropping the student off at his home, she told him not to reveal to anyone what had happened. The two continued to meet, sometimes on the same moshav as the original encounter, twice in a guesthouse rented by the teacher, as well as in other places.

The charges also reveal the involvement of another female student in the affair. The 17-year-old girl used her cellular phone to capture photos and two short videos of the teacher and the male student kissing and whispering to each other intimately.

The teacher later asked the young girl to meet with her, before driving her to her own home where the teacher's husband was waiting. The husband instructed the student to deny any connection between the teacher and her student and told her to delete the evidence.

Heeding the husband's threats, the student deleted the photos and videos and promised not to say anything.

When it became known to the husband that the student had told members of the teaching staff about the relationship, he called her and told her not to dare speak about it. The husband justified his behavior by saying he was protecting his kids, before threatening the girl that he would spread rumors about her own sexual orientation.

The male student was also brought to the home of the teacher and her husband, where the husband demanded he end the relationship, which was already being gossiped about around the school.

The prosecution submitted the bail request for the teacher and her husband, calling for a ban on communication between those involved in the matter and for a cessation of the teacher's employment.

The defense attorney, Avi Richtman, expressed surprise at the quick submission of the indictment, calling the evidence "unclear."

"The police acted here as if we are speaking about a first-rate criminal, and not of a teacher, a mother of three children with no criminal record," he said.