Feiglin: Israel Should Pay Palestinians to Quit West Bank

Number 20 on Likud list: They want to emigrate, there are certainly countries that want to take them in.

In an interview Wednesday with the Israel's Knesset TV channel, controversial Likud figure Moshe Feiglin said Israel should formally annex the West Bank and pay each Palestinian family $250,000 to move away.

"They want to emigrate," he said. "There are certainly countries who want to take them in," he said.

Feiglin won the number 20 seat in this week's Likud primary, which determined the party's line-up ahead of the upcoming general elections, despite efforts by Party Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu to marginalize him.

Feiglin was the big winner in the primary. His theocratic platform calls for banning minority Arab citizens from the parliament and pulling Israel out of the United Nations. At least 10 people in the Likud's top 30 candidates are outspoken hardliners from Feiglin's camp who are unlikely to support even the smallest concessions that Netanyahu might offer.

On Tuesday, an extreme right-wing text written by Feiglin disappeared from the Web site of his Jewish Leadership movement. In the piece, written five years ago, Feiglin says Israel should cut off water and electricity service to the Palestinian territories, withdraw from the United Nations and boycott the Olympics.

The text is called "the day after" and details the radical policies he would pursue if he became prime minister. The manifesto was removed hours after the party's primary results were announced.

  • Haaretz, however, obtained a copy.