Fearing Revenge, Family of Twins Suspected of Killing Boy, 7, Move

Naor and Adir Sudmi, both in their 20s, are suspected of murdering 7-year-old Leon Kalantarov.

The family of two twins suspected of murdering 7-year-old Leon Kalantrov last week left their home in Bnei Ayish on Tuesday, claiming that they cannot face their neighbors and fear retribution.

Naor and Adir Sudmi, both in their 20s, are suspected of murdering Kalantarov in the twins' home in the small town of Bnei Ayish.

The Sudmi family, including the twin's parents and sister, said that since the alleged incident their home has been attacked several times.

"They are apparently ashamed to show their faces in the neighborhood after what their sons have done," one of the neighbors said.

As the investigation continued, police learned that the local social worker had sent a report of the twins' behavior to the regional welfare department, which said in response that they had transferred the report, along with a complaint to the police.

A source providing welfare services in Bnei Ayish said the twins have a history of violent offenses and that they had been committed for related offenses to the Neve Horesh institute for delinquent youths.

Police records show that the two brothers suspected of killing Leon Kalantrov had been arrested and interrogated about exposing themselves to children just days before the boy's death. The suspects deny any wrongdoing.

According to the records, the police released twins Naor and Adir Sudmi, both in their 20s, only 10 days before they found Kalantarov's body. They had been arrested on suspicion of violence and sexual conduct.

The Sudmis were in custody for two days on suspicion of violence and exposing their genitals to one boy, and their buttocks to another. Also, six weeks ago, police investigated suspected violence based on a report that one of the brothers got into a fight with a young man who accused them of molesting children.