Father of Two Killed in Galilee Gas Station Robbery

An armed gang shot indiscriminately, hitting man in his car, before robbing gas station of NIS 200.

An armed gang allegedly shot a man to death while robbing a gas station in the Galilee town of Tur'an late Friday night.

The gang allegedly arrived at the gas station began shooting indiscriminately. A 33-year-old resident of Tur'an and father of two children was shot while sitting his car outside the gas station.

The gang entered the gas station, and robbed the place, leaving with around NIS 200.

The man who was shot managed to drive 200 meters before crashing his car into a ditch on the side of the road. Town residents brought the man to Poriya Hospital in Tiberius where he was pronounced dead.

Policemen who arrived on the scene began gathering evidence and searching for the perpetrators of the killing. No arrests have been made.

The same gang is suspected of carrying out a similar robbery earlier the same night at another gas station in the town of Nein, near Afula.