Extreme Rightist Banned From Home of IDF West Bank Commander

Noam Federman was slapped with a restraining order after protesting near the home of top IDF commander.

The Tel Aviv Magistrates Court issued a restraining order on Sunday against far-right activist Noam Federman, who was arrested earlier this month for demonstrating in front of the north Tel Aviv home of Israel Defense Forces West Bank commander Noam Tibon.

During the incident, police also arrested a young girl, 17, who is a relative of Federman's. She has since been remanded to house arrest.

For some time now right-wing activists and settlers have gathered near the homes of senior IDF commanders to protest their policies towards Israeli inhabitants of the West Bank.

During the hastily arranged protest, Federman and others shouted derogatory statements against Tibon and his family and they also drew complaints from neighbors.

Federman, his 17-year-old female relative, and two others were arrested during the course of the protest. They were all released the next day though their movements were subject to restrictions.

Last week Tel Aviv police filed a motion with the court asking for a 6-month restraining order against Federman, who is suspected of violating harassment laws. On Sunday, Judge Benny Sagi approved the motion, thus banning Federman from approaching the commander's home or any members of his family for a period of six months.

Court orders cops to pay rightist they beat at West Bank protest

The Jerusalem Magistrates Court on Sunday ordered two elite Border Policemen to pay NIS 4000 compensation to a rightist whom they beat at a demonstration.

The incident occurred about a year-and-a-half ago near the settlement of Hashmonaim, where right-wing activists were rallying to call on Israel to continue settling the West Bank.

Raphael Cohen, a member of the Border Police's Yasam special unit, slapped Nahum Greenblum, one of the demonstrators, and repeatedly tried to pad him down. Gal Segev, His commander, strangled the demonstrator and threatened him with further violence.

In the court ruling, Judge David Mintz rejected the claim by the state prosecution that that the suit was unjustified since Greenblum was not substantially wounded in the incident.