Ex-Barak Aide Charged With Manslaughter Over Killing of Homeless Man

Prosecutors file amended, harsher indictment against Shmuel Levi; court charged him in August with premeditated aggravated assault.

The Tel Aviv prosecutor's office on Tuesday filed an amended and harsher indictment against a former aide to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, charging him with manslaughter over the killing of a homeless man.

On August 12, A Tel Aviv court charged Shmuel Levi with premeditated aggravated assault for the attack he perpetrated the previous week. The homeless man, 63-year-old Rana Avraham, died of his wounds later in the month.

Levi made headlines due to his role as Ehud Barak's grassroots campaign manager during the successful 1999 run for prime minister.

After the assault, Avraham suffered head injuries, inner cranial bleeding, and damage to his ears.

According to the August indictment in the Avraham case, Levi is alleged to have noticed him in the street. He then approached him and began kicking him. When Levi saw Avraham on his feet a short time later, he once again accosted him and proceeded to beat him, knocking him to the pavement. Levi allegedly kicked Avraham in the head repeatedly, before stepping on his head.

Civilian bystanders yelled for him to stop, and police subsequently arrived at the scene and arrested him.

Levi told police that he hit Avraham because he witnessed him improperly make contact with a minor. A Haaretz investigation concluded however that Avraham has no prior record of pedophilia.