EU Honors Kiryat Ata School for Web-based History Project

'Discoveries and Inventions in the 19th Century' beat 561 applicants from 30 countries.

A delegation of representatives from Kiryat Ata's Rogozin Junior High School will receive an educational award Thursday in Brussels for an Internet history project.

The project, whose theme was "Discoveries and Inventions in the 19th Century," was selected, alongside 13 others. The project was chosen by a committee affiliated with the European Union, from a pool of 561 applicants from 30 countries.

Students from the northern city were divided into separate groups, each assigned with a different field of interest to investigate. They then exchanged information via chat rooms and the Internet to produce the winning project.

"Each group also had a designated student who managed their work via the Internet. The project involved students and teachers correcting each other, sharing thoughts and encouragement over the Internet," Rogozin's principal, Fruma Zoller, said. "We opened a new, advanced computer room in cooperation with the city council and developed a Web-based curriculum."

Zoller said using such technology improves the teachers' ability to follow their students' studies.

"We know what our role was and can tell how much each student did as part of the team effort by the number of Web entries," she said. "On the one hand, it encourages teamwork among students and between students and teachers. On the other, it encourages their individual responsibility and stimulates personal interests and curiosity."

She added that this year is the seventh consecutive year in which Israeli schools have participated in the EU competition, which recognizes and rewards advancements in Web-based study.

"Being selected is a great and honorable achievement that should be respected," she said.