Entertainer Dudu Topaz Admits Orchestrating Attacks on TV Execs

Police say they have enough 'firm, solid' evidence to indict Topaz for organizing attacks.

Entertainer Dudu Topaz on Tuesday confessed to orchestrating a series of violent attacks on TV executives over the past year, after he reportedly broke down under police questioning.

A police official involved in the investigation said there was enough evidence to file an indictment against Topaz in the near future.

Topaz, once one of Israel's top television personalities, was arrested Sunday in connection with attacks on TV producer Shira Margalit two weeks ago, the CEO of the Channel 2 Keshet franchise Avi Nir in November 2008 and actors' agent Boaz Ben-Zion some six months ago.

Topaz had feuded with the three victims recently, over decisions made to remove his programs from the screen.

Tel Aviv Magistrates Court ordered an eight-day extension of Topaz's remand on Monday, branding him the ringleader of the attacks.

Justice Tzion Kapach told the court that Topaz stands at the "head of the pyramid - he was the planner, he was the initiator."

During the remand hearing, a police investigator said there was a direct connection between Topaz and those who perpetrated the attacks.

"The suspect... is behind the order to attack the complainants," he said. "We have evidence that directly links Topaz to the order to carry out the attacks."

Topaz did not attend the hearing, but appeared by video conference from the Abu Kabir detention facility where he is being held.

After hearing of Topaz's confession Tuesday, Avi Nir said he felt great relief.