Ellern Signs Deal to Buy Salt, Dor and Dankner Investments

Ellern Investments, which is controlled by Shmuel and Avraham Dankner, WEdnesday signed a $203 million deal to buy the controlling interest in the three companies comprising the Dankner Group: Salt Industries, Dor Chemicals and Dankner Investments. The transaction is to be completed within three months.

The deal leaves Nochi Dankner with 4.9 percent in Salt Industries (together with his father, Yitzhak, he owned 17.66 percent) and David Dankner with roughly 5 percent in each of the three companies.

Once Nochi Dankner no longer owns a substantial holding in Salt Industries, he will be able, through Ganden, to proceed with the acquisition of IDB Holdings. Since Salt Industries controls 11.63 percent in Bank Hapoalim, and since IDB took a $900 million loan from the bank, Nochi Dankner was until now prohibited from buying the company. If the deal with Shmuel and Avraham Dankner comes through, Hapoalim will also not be barred from financing the IDB deal alongside Leumi bank.

The deal reflects a valuation of $190 million for Salt Industries, $90 million for Dankner Investments and $65 million for Dor Chemicals. The deal still depends on a $100 million financing package, which will probably be provided by Leumi bank and maybe another bank, and on regulatory approvals. Since no new shareholders are being added, the regulator is not expected to mount any difficulties.

Meanwhile, Salt Industries announced Wednesday that, according to a valuation prepared by Prof. Amir Barnea, the value of its holding in Bank Hapoalim is NIS 1.865 billion excluding the control premium (the added value that a controling interest has over smaller holdings). The market cap of the company's holding in the bank is only NIS 1.1 billion, while the value in the company's balance sheet is NIS 1.726 billion.