Elderly Jerusalem Couple Get 9 Months in Jail for Child Abuse

The couple had managed a kindergarten in Gilo; an assistant exposed the scandal two years ago.

The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Sunday sentenced an elderly couple to nine months in prison, after they were convicted of abusing children in the kindergarten they managed in the city's Gilo neighborhood.

The couple's attorneys intend to appeal the ruling due to their clients' old age.

The abuse scandal was exposed two years ago by an assistant in the kindergarten, who claimed she noticed the teacher and her husband hitting the children, screaming at them and force-feeding them.

The assistant filed a complaint with police and also had an investigative reporter from the Channel 2 show "Kolbotek" replace her at work for several days, during which the investigator documented acts of abuse.

The police arrested the couple after further testimony, including a claim that the couple used a large dog to threaten the children, was brought by investigators.

During a hearing, police said the female teacher partially acknowledged the charges against her. However, she claimed that she didn?t hit the children, but rather caressed them.

The woman's husband denied the charges and claimed nothing of the kind ever happened.