El Al Pilots Condemn Signatories of Letter of Refusal

A group of El Al pilots on Friday condemned their colleagues who have signed a letter refusing to carry out targeted killings in the territories, but said that they would not take any steps to punish them.

"We condemn the pilots who signed the letter, not because of their opinions, but because their declaration represents incitement to refuse orders," said a letter distributed Friday among El Al pilots and signed by the chairman of the pilot's union, Captain Itay Regev.

The letter said that El Al does not intend to dismiss the signatories, despite many requests that action be taken against them.

Meanwhile, a fourth pilot retracted Friday his refusal to take part in operations in the territories. Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Adam Netzer, a helicopter pilot, wrote to Israel Air Force chief Dan Halutz that he intended to raise a public discourse on moral issues, but did not intend to harm the public's faith in the air force.

Netzer is the fourth pilot to remove his signature from the letter of refusal, but there are still 27 signatories because four additional pilots signed the letter since it was released.