El Al Flight Returns to Rome After Smoke Seen Coming Out of Bathroom

All 85 passengers of Boeing 767 returned to Rome safely; Malfunction that caused smoke not discovered.

An El Al flight that took off from Rome was forced to land after smoke was seen coming out of one of it bathroom shortly after takeoff.

An additional plane was dispatched from Tel Aviv to shuttle the passengers home after the malfunction that caused the smoke could not be fixed in time.

The Boeing 767 was carrying 85 passengers when it left Rome.

El Al issued a statement following the incident, saying "on flight 386 from Rome to Tel Aviv, we received after takeoff a report of a technical malfunction. The flight returned to Rome where it landed. The passengers returned to Israel on an alternative flight. We did not detect any signs of a malfunction. At no point were the passengers or the flight in danger."

Just three weeks ago, a flight from Tel Aviv to Rome was diverted back to Tel Aviv after it was discovered that one of the planes doors was not properly closed. The plane and all 81 of its passengers landed safely in Israel.