Earthquake Jolts Northern Israel; No One Injured

Lebanese media reports quake also felt in south of country, from Tyre to the southern outskirts of Beirut.

A minor earthquake was recorded in northern Israel on Friday. No injuries or damages were reported.

The quake, estimated by the Geophysical Institute of Israel to have measured 4.0 on the Richter scale, originated in the Mediterranean Sea, just west of the Lebanese city of Sidon, and was felt in both Safed and Kiryat Shmona.

Lebanese media reported that the earthquake was felt in the south of the country, from the Tyre and Sidon area to the southern outskirts of Beirut.

Eti Levi, a resident of Kiryat Shmona, who was in her home at the time of the tremor, told Haaretz that both "the walls and the couch I was sitting on were shaking. I knew straight away that it was an earthquake."

"I wasn't afraid," she went on to say. "I spoke with friends who also told me things were falling off their walls."