During Murder Trial, Witness Tells of Rose Pizem's Sorrows at Home

Grandfather, mother suspected of murdering 4-year-old girl, whose body was found in Yarkon River last September.

Rose Pizem felt unloved and neglected by her mother, the 4-year-old's great-grandmother testified Sunday at a trial over the girl's alleged murder.

"She said, 'Mommy doesn't love me. She plays with my two sisters but she doesn't hug or kiss me," recalled Vivian Yaakov, the mother of one of the defendant Ronny Ron.

Ron, Rose's paternal grandfather and her mother's live-in lover, and Marie-Charlotte Renault, Rose's mother, are being tried for the murder of 4-year old Rose Pizem, whose body was found in a suitcase in the Yarkon River last September.

Yaakov told the Tel Aviv District Court that Rose had stayed with her for around two months and that Ron would come to pick her up sometimes.

"Marie was absolutely uninterested in [Rose], didn?t ask about her, but Ronny would call at least once or twice a week," Yaakov said. "I don?t remember so well, but if I wanted that he would take her on whatever day, he would come and take her."

Yaakov also told the court that in the two months that Rose lived with her, Ron came and picked Rose up five or six times.

Two days after Yaakov saw Rose for what would turn out to be the last time, she called Ron and Renault to ask to take Rose to the circus in Netanya with her grandchildren.

"Mary started to shout: 'What do you want here? What are you looking for? What did you do here? You have nothing to look for,'" Yaakov recounted. "She began to laugh hysterically and afterward cursed at me and I cursed back. I told her that she had a sick, not normal soul and I slammed down the phone."

When she returned from the circus, Yaakov saw that she had four missed calls on her cell phone from Ron. She decided not to return the calls immediately and never heard from Ron thereafter.

Some time later, Yaakov began to hear that Rose may have been taken to an orphanage or an institution for people with Down syndrome.

Yaakov then began to search for her great-grand daughter. Her lack of success in locating Rose led her to contact authorities, who began to conduct an official search.