Dummy Bombs Carried Into Haifa-area Malls Undetected

Security personnel fail police exercises only three days after foiled bombing attempt at Haifa mall.

Security personnel failed to detect dummy bombs smuggled in to several Haifa-area malls during a police exercise Tuesday.

The exercise took place just three days after police foiled a terrorist attack at Haifa's Lev Hamifratz shopping center.

Police sappers smuggled vehicles loaded with suspicious objects into several shopping malls, escaping detection at every location.

Recreating the scenario from last Saturday evening's failed bombing attempt, the sappers drove into the mall parking lots with large bags filled with objects resembling explosives lying in the trunks of their vehicles. Dummy landmines and operating systems for the explosives were also placed behind the drivers' seats.

Coastal District police chief Roni Atiya said police were disappointed at the failure of the exercise.

"We view seriously every weakness in the preparedness and awareness of security officials," Atiya said. "We will continue the exercises in order to prevent a repeat occurrence."

Supervisors from the security companies in question have been summoned to a hearing at Zvulun regional police headquarters to be held Wednesday.