Drug Addict Suspected of Stabbing Man, 87, in Rishon Letzion

The drug addict, who turned himself into police, tried to rob the man after hearing he had a lot of money.

Police have arrested the drug addict suspected of nearly stabbing to death an 87-year-old last week in Rishon Letzion.

The 33-year-old suspect turned himself into police, telling them that he had intended to rob the elderly man after hearing that he had a lot of money. He is suspected by police of being a drug addict.

Last Tuesday, paramedics were called to the elderly man's apartment by his caretaker who heard the attack as it happened and saw the suspect flee the scene.

The following day, the suspect arrived at the police station and confessed to stabbing the man. He told the police that on the day of the stabbing, he impersonated a mailman, telling the elderly man to come down to the lobby of his building to receive a package.

When the man came to the lobby, the suspect snuck up to his apartment, mistakenly assuming that he would leave the door open. After encountering the locked door, the suspect waited until the man returned, at which point he stabbed him in his neck and chest.

A spate of violence in the past year has rocked the central Israel city, including last month's stabbing murder of an entire family.