Driver in Crash That Killed Family Remanded for Eight Days

Three members of Hadad family were killed when car driven by Ehud Kadur hit their vehicle on northern highway.

The driver of a car involved in a weekend accident in which three members of the same family were killed was Sunday remanded for eight days at Nazareth Magistrates Court.

Mordechai Hadad and his wife Moria, both aged 52, and their 18-year-old son, Ariel, were killed in the collision on Route 65 on Saturday night. The daughter of the family, 23-year-old Anat, was moderately wounded.

The head of the regional traffic police department, Jack Dan, said that the driver, 45-year-old Ehud Kadur from Herzliya, refused a blood alcohol test after the accident.

Kadur was hospitalized in Tiberias after the crash with light head injuries.

The initial probe into the accident showed that Kadur, who was driving from the north, tried to overtake a vehicle despite the oncoming traffic and collided with the Hadad family's car.

A 40-km stretch of Route 65, between Afula and Kadarim Junction, is known as "the red route," where a number of fatal collisions have occurred. Dan said that the road has a single lane for each direction of traffic. "Any mistake by a driver, any traffic violation while overtaking on a busy lane is likely to have negative consequences," he said.

The three members of the Hadad family were laid to rest Sunday afternoon at a cemetery in their home town of Safed.

Also Saturday, a 20-year-old Haifa resident died of wounds sustained when he was hit by a car while jaywalking Thursday.

The driver of the car, a 30-year-old Haifa resident with no prior traffic convictions, was questioned by police and subsequently released on bail.

According to Superintendant Eli Maman of the Israel Police, the investigation is still in its initial phases and it cannot be concluded whether the accident was a result of negligance or speeding on behalf of the driver.

Additionally, a 38-year-old woman was seriously injured in a collision between two cars in Haifa, and was taken to the city's Rambam Medical Center for treatment.

On Friday, a resident of Eilat was killed on the Dimona-Be'er Sheva highway when she failed to yield right-of-way to a cab traveling in the opposite direction. She collided head on with the cab. One other passenger was hurt seriously, and four others moderately in the incident.

Israel Police arrested a 41-year-old driver who ran a red light and slammed into another vehicle.

Police believe the driver, who has 15 traffic violations on his record, was drunk at the time of the accident.

Overall, police arrested 31 drunk drivers overnight Friday.

In Ramat Gan, a 25-year-old man was seriously injured after he lost control of his motorcycle and flipped over, and an additional 22-year-old was injured in a scooter accident.