Domestic Flights Expected to Continue Operating on Shabbat, Holidays

Flights were expected to be halted starting in February, due to IAF chief rabbi's instructions.

Domestic flights are expected to continue operating as usual, despite earlier plans to halt the traffic on Shabbat and holidays starting in February.

The airport closures were expected to affect the Sde Dov airport in northern Tel Aviv, and the Haifa airport.

Haaretz has learned, however, that Israel Airports Authority Deputy Director Shmuel Kandel met Tuesday with senior Israel Air Force officers in order to keep the airports operating on Shabbat and holidays.

Both military airports, Sde Dov and Haifa airport also serve domestic civil aviation routes. The chief IAF rabbi is behind the planned closures, refusing to allow military air traffic controllers to direct civilian traffic on Shabbat and holidays.

Should the closures be implemented, they would affect passengers on Israir and Arkia's domestic flights, as well as private planes and recreational aviation, which takes place primarily on weekends.