Documentary on Abducted Soldier's Wife to Air Thursday

Karnit Goldwasser: 'There's nothing that keeps me optimistic that it will end well, but I still believe it will.'

On Thursday night Channel 10 will broadcast "Shvuya The Story of Karnit Goldwasser," Nurit Kedar's documentary on the wife of abducted soldier Udi Goldwasser.

The film follows Karnit for over a year, from March 2007 until a few weeks ago. Kedar says she was intrigued by the "young, beautiful, well-spoken woman" who appeared so often in the news.

"During my time with her, I realized that I was in the wrong story. Because of her great exposure, there was nothing about her that wasn't known," Kedar says. "In addition, she protected herself very well. A few months ago, I decided to change everything, to take the cameras away from her and toward her closest confidants, the people who advise and assist her, because that interested me."

The people in "Shvuya," which means captive woman, include media consultant Tal Ravina, former Shin Bet security services head Israel Hasson and prisoner exchange negotiator Uri Slonim.

Other figures in the film include her father, Karnit's brother's girlfriend, Udi's mother and Rami Igra, former head of the Mossad's Missing in Action department.

"There's nothing that keeps me optimistic that it will end well, [but I] still believe it will," Karnit says in the film.