Doctors Nabbed for Selling Fake Exemptions to IDF Soldiers

Police suspect doctors sold notes to hundreds of soldiers, including combat troops, for NIS 50.

Undercover police on Tuesday arrested five doctors on suspicion that they sold Israel Defense Forces soldiers medical exemption slips under false pretenses.

Police found that in some cases the doctors reportedly sold the notes out of their cars, without any sort of medical examination. Initial investigations have determined that the majority of the notes were sold for a small fee, usually for around NIS 50 for each sick day. The army says they suspect hundreds of soldiers, including many from elite combat units bought the fraudulent sick notes.

The investigation was started after police received reports from the army of an out-of-the-ordinary level of medical exemptions being issued.

As part of their investigation, undercover police carrying a hidden camera went to the clinic near Kafr Qassam and requested a medical exemption for his son who was not sick, and said he would be willing to pay. The doctor is then shown looking the soldier up and down, saying "he doesn't look ok" and then filling out the form in return for cash.

Police are expected this afternoon to request the extension of the doctors' remands pending further investigation.