Dimona Nuclear Facility Worker Sues After Cancer Diagnosis

Ventilation system brought hazardous materials from 'hot' areas, claims Eva Chriqui

Eva Chriqui, a worker at the Dimona nuclear facility, is suing the state for NIS 2.5 million, claiming damage to her health.

Chriqui filed her suit at the Tel Aviv District Court, claiming she had been exposed to radiation and to hazardous materials at the site.

The materials originated in the "hot" area of the facility and reached other areas through the ventilation system, Chriqui claims.

She charges that there is no environmental monitoring whatsoever in large areas of the nuclear facility.

In June 1995, when she was 36, she was diagnosed with cancer. She underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and remains under oncological monitoring, because of concern that the cancer may recur at any time.

Chriqui also demands that the nuclear facility be required to provide her with relevant data to check the causal connection between her exposure to radiation and to hazardous materials, and her disease.

The Dimona nuclear facility has yet to file its defense.