Dichter: Friedmann Overstepped Mark in Assault on Police

Justice Min. said police was responsible for ousting PM, after recommendation to indict Olmert was published.

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter on Monday criticized Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann for accusing Israel Police of being responsible for ending the tenure of the incumbent prime minister.

"Whoever's saying that the police have ousted the prime minister should reconsider their place in government," Dichter said at a press conference he held after the police decided to publicize its recommendation to indict Ehud Olmert, a move has met with a mixed reaction.

Dichter said that Friedmann was "bashing the police, and it is inappropriate for a cabinet minister to do so, above all the one who's in charge of the law enforcement agencies in the country."

"It undermines the work and authority of the police," Dichter continued. "I have no intention of condoning such an assault. The police will continue to carry out its invaluable role, and will not be intimidated by one reckless statement or another."