Despite Terror Warnings, 90,000 Tourists to Cross Into Sinai in April

Forecast report published by Airports Authority reveals most tourists to visit Sinai over Passover are Christian pilgrims, Greek Orthodox tourists.

Despite a warning issued by the Anti-Terrorism Unit of possible terror attacks on tourists in Sinai and the rest of Egypt over the Passover holiday, some 90,000 tourists are expected to cross the Taba crossing from Israel into Sinai this April.

According to the forecast released by the Airports Authority on Monday, most of the tourists expected to cross into Sinai are "Christian pilgrims exiting Israel to visit the Santa Katarina monestary and Greek Orthodox tourists visiting Sinai for Easter, which coincides with Passover."

The Airports Authority expects a ten percent increase in passenger activity and an eight percent increase in aircraft activity at the Ben Gurion International Airport this holiday, in comparison to last year.

Some 448,000 passengers are expected to pass through Ben Gurion International Airport over Passover, 222,000 arriving and 226,000 departing. During all of April, some 947,000 passengers are expected to pass through the airport.

The peak of passenger activity at the airport is expected for Sunday April 1, one day before the Passover Seder, with 47,400 passengers passing through.