Decorated IDF Commandos Batter Fellow Soldier

Commandos allegedly set upon soldier who they thought stole one of their mobile phones.

Three decorated Israel Defense Forces commandos are among a group that battered a fellow soldier at a training base last week.

The commandos, from the elite undercover unit, Duvdevan, allegedly set upon a soldier at the Wingate Sports Institute near Netanya who they thought stole one of their mobile phones.

Witnesses said the commandos beat him with "murderous blows," after which the victim required medical treatment.

The commander of Duvdevan later punished the ten troops involved by ordering them and their commanders to do two weeks of community service. Other soldiers in the unit said the penalty was relatively light, and "more of a treat than a punishment."

The commandos, for their part, claim the victim actually started the fight.

After the attack, the IDF Spokespersons' Unit relayed that, "This is a grave incident. The soldiers were returned to their unit and will be punished by their commander."

The three soldiers received citations in April for managing for not to harm civilians during clashes with Palestinian fugitives in the West Bank.