Dana Bennett Murder / Timeline of a Serial Killer

First murder attributed to Adwan Yahiya Farhan, a resident of northern Israel, took place in 1995.

Police said Tuesday that Adwan Yahiya Farhan, a resident of northern Israel, is suspected of murdering Israeli-American teenager Dana Bennett in 2003. He confessed to the murder, and at least three others, six years after Bennett disappeared without a trace in Tiberias.

1995: First murder attributed to Farhan takes placeHe allegedly murdered an acquaintance near the Jordan estuary, possibly following a homosexual relationship with him.

1995: Farhan confesses to murdering cellmate while under arrestPolice initially believed the victim to have committed suicide in his cell.

1999: Farhan is imprisoned for the first timeHe served four years after being convicted of sexual offenses.

2002: Sentence is commuted and Farhan is released from jail

2003: Farhan allegedly murders 27-year-old Czech tourist near Tzalmon RiverHe is suspected of kidnapping and murdering Dana Bennett less than a month later.

2004: Sentenced in January for 20 months for illegal arms possession

2005: Jailed again for three and a half years after being convicted of armed robbery and fraud

2008: Farhan is charged with rape in December