Crime Boss Abutbul Sentenced to 13 Years Behind Bars

Asi Abutbul was convicted of extortion, arson, unlawful imprisonment, and money-related crimes.

Tel Aviv District Court on Monday sentenced the head of the Abutbul crime syndicate, Asi Abutbul, to 13 years in prison.

Abutbul was convicted of activities related to his status as the ringleader of a criminal organization. Earlier this month, he was found guilty of extortion, arson, unlawful imprisonment, and financial crimes. He was also given two years probation and fined NIS 500,000.

The Abutbul case is the first time that an Israeli court has convicted a prominent mobster under the Organized Crime Law.

"At the end of the today's deliberations, Asi said just one word to me - 'Supreme'," Abutbul's lawyer, Nir Plesser, said, indicating his client's intention to appeal the verdict to the Supreme Court. "In my view, the court leveled a disproportionate punishment in this case."

The prosecutor in the case said she would also consider filing an appeal.