Court Won't Drop Murder Charges Against Mother of Rose Pizem

Grandfather Ronny Ron, also suspected of his involvement in the murder, to take stand the first time.

The Petah Tikvah district court decided on Monday not to drop charges against Marie-Charlotte Renault, indicted for the murder of her 4-year old daughter, Rose Pizem.

Defense attorneys had urged the court earlier on Monday to drop the charges against Renault, arguing that the prosecution failed to prove that she was involved in Rose's death.

"The prosecution did not succeed in filling all the holes in the indictment," said attorney Revital Swaid, introducing the defense's claims. "I don't recall when such a bare and slight indictment was ever presented."

Swaid added: "Whatever happened is known to the defendants only, and as long as we are deprived of prophetic abilities, we can never know what really came to pass."

The court subsequently adjourned to deliberate, later deciding to continue with the proceedings against Renault as well as against Rose's grandfather Ronny Ron.

The 46-year-old Ron took to the stand as soon as the court resumed its session, testifying to his version of the events which led to Rose's death for the first town.

Ron said that as soon as the child came into the possession of the couple from Paris the three constituted a functioning family.

"Rose had a lot of books, and toys and everything was great for a while, but then some difficulties arose in her upbringing," Ron said, adding that Rose "had communication problems."

"She didn't manage the language, and hardly even managed herself," Ron said.

Ronny Ron, who was Renault's live-in lover, confessed several months ago via his defense attorney Gil Friedman to having caused her death. Friedman said that Ron accidentally caused Rose's death and had not expected it.

According to the charges submitted in September, Ron or Renault - or both of them - placed Rose's body in a red suitcase after having caused her death. How they caused her death or where they did it is unknown. It is also unknown if Rose was alive when she was placed in the suitcase.

The prosecutor has struggled to show the role played by the girl's mother in the murder. Revital Swaid, representing Renault, requested that the court drop the charges against her on the grounds that they do not describe any crime on her part.